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  • How the in-kind sessions take place
    There are several options available to you. First you have to know that walking is suitable, it's not a marathon and it's not timed :-) You just need to be able to walk at your own pace for 1 hour. Walking and talking frees your thoughts. 1. You tell me your problem 2. I question you to deepen and find your solutions within you 3. I offer you different exercises
  • Do you need to be in good physical condition for walking coaching?
    Therapeutic walking is not a marathon. You must be able to walk 1 hour at your own pace.
Publicité minimaliste sur un téléphone

Et si...

on commence par faire connaissance ?

Je vous propose, si besoin, un premier échange téléphonique afin de définir ensemble vos besoins et me poser toutes vos questions. 

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